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"Trust me you can dance" - Alcohol

Updated: May 9, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen introducing the mimosa bar and whiskey flights!!!

Weddings are such a blast but something that people don't always think about is how fun it is to get READY for weddings. Those few precious hours before the ceremony starts where you are with your best friends getting your hair and make up done, putting on beautiful dresses, taking selfies and laughing the only thing that can make those moments more special is a mimosa!

We are now fully equipped to set up mimosa bars on the go! Champagne*, orange juice (other juices available on request) and fruit, as well as pastries to nibble on and keep the energy levels high! We can even do custom champagne glasses with names on them as an added gift for your wedding party!

Whisky flights available too! includes 2+ whisky types*, pretzels and other snack items as well custom whisky glasses available as an added gift for your wedding party.

Reach out for a price sheet to add a mimosa bar or whiskey flight to your day of or planning package!

* alcohol item is purchased by the individual at cost - as this is your item, you are providing to add on to the bar or flight set up that is the service being provided * Ask for more info!

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