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Current Clients

HI! First off, I love you all for trusting me with your wedding day or special event!! I am including some helpful links for you guys here to try and streamline things!

Payment Options

Most of my clients find that electronic payments are easiest so adding those here so they're always easy to find! 

VENMO - MaddieGarris_DMVweddings 


Tips on Tipping

Lots of people ask about how and when and what to tip! I wrote up a blog post about it to try and answer some of those questions.  Link below! 

Tips on tipping blog post 


Review Links

It means the literal world to me when people write reviews! If you felt like you enjoyed working with me and were so inclined I am adding some links below for reviews! Extra points if you wanted to copy and paste across multiple platforms.  Love you!! 



Wally Bag Discount Code

If you are looking for a dress bag, suit bag, custom bags for your bridal party etc. Especially for those of you traveling with your outfits! I am a partner for Wally Bag and you can use my code to get 10% off your bag! 

link -

Discount Code at Check out - DMVWED 


Revelry Discount Code! 

If you are planning to have your bridesmaids use Revelry for their dresses I am an official Revelry partner which means those of you with access to my info can get discounts and perks by shopping through my link and using my code at check out! 


Discount Code at check out - REVDMVWEDDINGS 

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