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Tips on Tipping

Who should I tip? How much should I tip?

There is SO MUCH conflicting information out there about tipping but I really do believe that being prepared ahead of time is the best way to not be scrambling at the end of the night. Also from a budgeting standpoint if you know ahead of time you can be prepared!

Who should I tip?

Honestly whoever you want.

Some things to think about. Caterers and their staff it is expected (more often than not it’s included in the contract...because it is expected)

Everyone else in the industry builds their packages so they get paid what they need to get paid but tips are a great way to express gratitude they are long days and it is hard work so tips are appreciated!

Some people say anyone who stays you should tip but that sometimes leaves out people like your florist or limo driver and depending on your decor choices sometimes the florist is doing a huge amount of set up work beyond the creation of your items so if you’re in a tipping mood don’t forget about them!

Photographers, videographers they are doing things for you AFTER your wedding (creating your galleries, doing your edits and videos etc) they’re fulfilling a contract so obviously any quality vendor is going to do a great job for you because that’s what they’re contracted to do but thinking about it at the end of the day. They still have to do something for you so if you’re going to tip anyone I would tip them!

Coordinators (the me’s) like I said before it’s not expected but it is greatly appreciated. It is an extremely long and physically demanding day and we put our all into making sure your day goes smoothly and is wonderful! So not expected but a good idea if you pre plan and have the ability.

Make up and hair - it is for the most part expected just like how you would tip your stylist at a salon

Cakes, desserts, other things that are delivered day of. 100% up to you. These people are usually in and out quickly and sometimes multiple things are happening at once so sometimes it’s hard to even get them an envelope etc but it is always a nice gesture if you’re tipping people anyways.

How much should I tip!?

If you have it 20% but sometimes that ends up being a really huge amount that just isn’t possible especially if you stretched your budget to the limits and some of your contracts are like 5000 or higher and 20% of that is just…a lot. I think I have seen most often $50’s in envelopes per person working (so I team of 2 would get $100) but that would be the lower end of tipping depending on your original contracts. If you’re really happy with a service you can go as high as you’re comfortable!! — this is not for the cake delivery type of thing that would be a lower amount like you would tip any other delivery driver as the person delivering is almost never the person who created your items.

All of this is a bit case by case and some vendors feel differently than others. If you have questions about what’s reasonable, what’s too little, what’s too much definitely reach out to your planner/coordinator (that's me!) and we can easily and happily help you make a plan for tipping your amazing vendors in a way that is appropriate and also reasonable for you!

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