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Sammi and John

I had such a fun time with Sammi and John’s wedding. We love working at Springfield and getting a chance to see the different things people do in the space!

Sammi is actually connected to me because she went through the Masters program at St. Mary’s with my sister in law Betsy. It was a bit of a coincidence but so happy it worked out that way! Sammi had a bunch of really adorable personal touches included in her day including this amazing little frame with notes from her students about how to have a successful marriage. Alyssa (my wonderful assistant that day) and I were reading all of them and laughing it was so adorable!

The weather was not our friend for this wedding day but we fought it as long as we could! This was a March wedding. All of the days around today had been maybe a little cold but overall very nice and mild. During the prep it was raining, hailing a little bit, snowing a little bit and the winds were about 60 mph but it was sporadic and there would be small moments where everything was still and perfect.

It was a difficult decision but we eventually did need to pull the ceremony inside. Thankfully we made that decision because right before the ceremony was supposed to start it down poured the heaviest that it had throughout the whole day.

Sammi and John were troopers throughout the entire process! They really wanted their wedding to be outside so we did EVERYTHING we could think of to make that happen. One of their friends even ran out to the local Walmart to try and get a tent so the DJ could be out of the rain. At the end of the day the weather won but it just showed how much of a village Sammi and John had for themselves and how all of their friends and families were willing to drop everything to make their vision come to life or were willing to stand in the rain and snow so they could have what they wanted for their big day!

We absolutely loved working with Sammi and John on their wedding day. The whole time it felt like working with friends which is always the best way to have your “work day” go!

Here are some favorites from their wedding gallery!

Vendor team

Coordinating – me! DMV Weddings and Events

Venue – Springfield Manor Winery

Photography – Michael Crawford Photography

Catering – Great American Caterers

Hair and Make up – No Filter Glam

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