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Meet JD!

JD is my husband. We met right before college in 2011 and got married in 2017 at Ceresville Mansion we now have a house in Frederick and an 8 month old son. I love working with JD because we are a team in all aspects of our lives and if you have seen Frozen 2 when Hans tells Anna “I’m here, what do you need?” that moment reminded me so much of JD! He is always there to help lift me up (also to lift chairs and other heavy things!) and help support me in my endeavors. He helps with absolutely everything day of the wedding and its so fun to get to be with him and work together to help other people have as great of a wedding as we had!

So if you're working with me there is a very high chance that you will see JD there too!

Here are some words from JD!

I grew up in Boyds MD and went to Covenant life high school, I earned my bachelors degree in history from St. Mary's College of Maryland. I am a teacher and youth leader at Covenant life school in Gaithersburg MD.

My favorite thing about weddings is the toasts. I like to see how friends and family talk about the bride and groom, it gives a lot of insight into their relationships and who they are! They are also usually pretty funny even to people who don't know the couple very well.

I love working with Maddie. Watching her drive and passion for helping these brides have a great day reminds me so much of why I fell in love with her in the first place. She works hard and will go to the ends of the earth to make sure their day is as perfect as possible!

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