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Jenny and Mal

I really loved working this wedding! It served us with some challenges and we learned a lot throughout the process but it was also an insanely fun thing to be a part of!! Also London Town Gardens has been a bucket list venue for me and I am so glad to have gotten a chance to work a wedding there and I am hoping for many more to come!!

Jenny and Mal were EXTREMELY hands on with their wedding design/decor and they made almost everything that they had at their wedding and purchased and brought the rest. It was my first wedding that required a full on 20 foot uhaul truck to fit all of their decor items. I have a binder from Jenny with all of their set up visions and other important things that I literally want to frame and keep forever, it was just so thorough and perfect!

They had 3 different lounge areas, custom made table settings, an amazing seating chart, a live edge table as a guest book, they built their own custom bar, a really amazing cake table display and memory wall, hand made photo wall, hand made archway and podium and I am sure I am forgetting stuff! It was really something to be a part of and I am so glad we had the opportunity.

Some Pricing context…When you guys reach out to me to book I usually will say that our pricing starts out at $1500 for day of coordinating and can go up depending on a few different factors. This is one of the factors that does increase the price. When there is a significant amount of DIY and multiple different areas of set up the laws of physics and time literally do not allow for me and one other person to complete the things that we need to complete to make your day perfect. So with that I have to hire extra people on my team to complete the vision. All of this is perfectly OK, I love having a big team with me and I love being involved with new and creative visions but that is one of the factors that can increase the day of coordinating price to make sure that we can have enough people on staff that day to effectively create your vision for you!

Back to Jenny and Mal. They were also some of the most fun people to just meet with and be around. They had the best attitudes, they were super flexible and they were really great about having to create a concise rain plan (that thankfully we did not need to use!!) and were really cool about some issues with their guests and COVID statuses and certain important people not being able to be there last minute, they rolled with every punch that came their way and did it all with a great attitude and a smile. You could tell that the most important thing for them that day was getting married, being with their friends and family and having an amazing time! They definitely did all of those things and they got some really amazing pictures in the process to be able to remember this amazing day!

Their friends and family were just so loving and caring and you can see what an amazing community Jenny and Mal have created for themselves. There was no shortage of fun and support throughout the entire night.

All in all Jenny and Mal were incredibly fun to work with and I would be happy to help them plan vow renewals and more weddings anytime they wanted to!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from their wedding! This is all just from the sneaks so when I get the full gallery I might have to add because the details are just amazing and you should get a chance to see absolutely everything from this day!

Awesome vendor team

Coordinator - Me! DMV Weddings and Events

Photographer - KiKi Creates

Venue - Historic London Town and Gardens

Balloon art - Tangled Balloons

Bouquets - Blue Jay Cara and Jenny

Florals/centerpieces - Jenny the bride!

Hair - Siren Studio

Make up - Beauty by Jacs

Jennys dress - Flutter Dress

Catering - Santoni’s Catering

Rentals - Honey wood Rentals, Grand Event Rentals

DJ - DJ Meeba

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