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How COVID 19 has hit us

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

COVID 19 has been a complete disaster for everyone in the world basically. This has been the most drastic thing to happen so far in my lifetime and every person and every industry has been effected in some way. Some worse than others and I only have insight on the few that I have direct experiences with. The wedding industry has been pretty severely effected by this pandemic. Brides and vendors alike have had some really devastating things happen because of it.

A lot of venues have been hit with either full shut down requirements or extremely low capacity limits for people. Also there are mask rules and other things in place that are important and are intended to keep our communities safe! The last thing anyone wants is your big day to become something other than a joyous occasion. As a result a lot of brides have had to postpone their weddings, meaning not marrying the person they want to marry for another year...or getting married at a courthouse or very small ceremony when that isn't what they originally had hoped or wanted to do. This also puts venues and other vendors in a horrible and awkward position of what do we do now...the venue would want to honor your contract and give you a new date but that pushes into the next year and more often than not it is Saturdays that people want to have their event. So they honor your contract and lose that potential income for the following year (likely in a prime date spot for wedding season). This has pushed some venues into requiring brides to stick to their contracted dates and having their wedding that was supposed to be huge with 10-50 people instead. Which puts brides in an awkward position of having to un-invite people from their event. Basically it has been a whole mess!

DMV weddings has been lucky in that all of our 2020 brides were able to have their events in some way, a little bit of moving dates around and changing capacities and navigating mask mandates etc. Some a little smaller than they wanted but all of our 2020 events ended up being absolutely beautiful and special for our brides and grooms.

Our 2021 brides are looking like things are opening up and their events will be able to happen the way they dreamed that they would. 2021 is shaping up to be one of DMV's biggest years yet. Prompting me to do some expanding and training to be able to accommodate the growing needs of the DMV community! We love our brides and cannot wait for our 2021 wedding season to get started in the next few weeks!

P.S. get your vaccine if you can! It'll help everyone be able to get back to partying sooner rather than later!

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