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Corynne and Futrel

Corynne is so adorable and we were extremely lucky to work with her for her wedding day! Unfortunately there was some drama on my end where my doctor placed me on bed rest only 2 days before the wedding (I was 36 weeks pregnant so we knew there was a chance of something like this happening).

The whole time we were planning on Alyssa (my second in command) to run the show but I was really hoping to at least be there, especially with her wedding taking place at a new venue and everything. Even with the set back on my end the wedding went off GREAT! Having a good vendor team is so so so important and can really have a huge effect on your day and making sure that your vendors have back up plans in case of situations like this is also important!

I really love working with brides when they feel like friends! That's why making sure you connect with your coordinator in the selection process is incredibly important. Corynne and her mom Vicki communicate in a similar way that I do and all of that just makes the planning experience way more enjoyable for everyone! Make sure you like talking to the person who will be helping you plan your wedding!

Corynne and Futrel had a few things that were very important to them but the most important was that they got to dance, party and have fun for as much of their time as possible! Even with the venue being on the hot side (the temp outside was almost 100 degrees) they literally did not stop dancing for all 3 dance hours!

They had an amazing photographer working with them for their wedding day. She was literally like a superhero running around doing everything and anything and making sure she got all the shots that could be needed! So it’s no surprise that with the beautiful setting at the venue and the great subjects to capture the pictures from Corynne’s big day turned out awesome!

Here are some of my favorites from her gallery!

All in all I am so glad to have had the opportunity to help with Corynne’s planning process and that my team could be there for her on her big day! I also just loved her mom Vicki throughout the whole process as well and it’s super fun to have involved moms with good attitudes.

Vendor Team

Coordinating - DMV Weddings and Events

Venue - Citizens Ballroom

Catering - Innovative Gourmet

DJ - Chris Legend, Gold Event Group

Photographer - Twelve Lines Studio

Cake - Sage Cakery

Floarls - Blossom and Basket

Transportation - On the Town

Linens - Select Event Group

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