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Christine and Weston

I feel like there literally just isn't enough that I could say about this couple and this wedding that would be enough.

I was honestly feeling a little bit of burnout with the insane wedding season we just had (I know all of my vendor friends are feeling the same) and Christine and Weston were my last wedding of the year. I am always excited to do my best for brides and this business is truly what I love to do so I have a lot of happiness and passion surrounding weddings, but I'm not going to lie...I was tired. I went into their rehearsal not having ever met Christine or Weston face to face (most of my brides we do facetime or zoom calls so that even in this digital, covid effected world we can still be as personal as possible. It just never really worked out for when I was talking with Christine and Weston to do a video call.) I don't know what it was but the second i met them face to face and Christine immediately went in for a hug I was just completely reinvigorated and just knew in my bones this was going to be a great wedding!

They really and truly did not disappoint to my initial feelings at their rehearsal. Their day was filled with so much love from their wedding party, families and guests. They had a fantastic vendor team and even though it was a two location wedding (and the locations were about 45 minutes apart in different states) it went as smooth as possible.

I honestly have never felt so seen and appreciated at a wedding in my 5 years of being in this business. I also have never received as many hugs as I did that night while at a wedding! It really was just a love fest all around and I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world to have ended up working with this couple and this family. I literally want to go live with Christine's mom and dad they are some of the most wonderful people I have had the pleasure to interact with at a wedding, and their daughter clearly learned those amazing traits from them, and found a man who was also raised by amazing people and just ended up being this kind and caring person.

Christine and Weston took extra time at the end of their wedding to personally thank each of their vendors, they took time to really talk with them about their individual part in the wedding, they thanked both of my assistants individually (not everyone does that) and were just so selfless. This seems like something that is just normal behavior and something that everyone probably does but its not true. Weddings are a whirlwind and a lot of times you are moving so quickly from one thing to the next that the little things like that get missed (and we as wedding vendors 100000% understand that and never expect couples to take time out of their day to talk to us about anything other than necessary pieces.) so this simple act from them was actually a huge gesture and really did make for a perfect end to my wedding season.

I am thrilled to share some of my favorite pictures from their gallery. They made a lot of choices in their wedding day where the figured out the best places to spend money and the best places to save money and it made it so their wedding day was fun for everyone, looked beautiful, the food tasted amazing and it ran very well.

Christine and Weston if you guys are reading this thank you so so much for letting me be a small part of your big day! I had a great time and I hope you guys thought your day was as amazing as I did!

Awesome Vendor Team:

Coordination - me! DMV Weddings and Events

Venue - St Francis Hall

Catering - Putting on The Ritz

Photography - Once Upon A Spark

DJ - DJ Squirrel

Photo Booth - Chris Styles Events

A few nuts and bolts things about Christine and Weston's wedding.

I ended up bringing 3 assistants with me for their wedding day because of the dual location. I needed someone with me at the ceremony to cue the guys to go in from a different location than where I was to cue the rest of the bridal party (I also love getting to use my walkie talkies). Christine had a family member do her centerpieces so we had to set up all of the florals and the rest of the decor at the reception venue but the timing was tight since the ceremony was an hour away almost from the reception. So I sent a team up ahead of me to get working on the decor and we did end up having to rearrange some tables and move some things around to get things just right for them. We also decided that some of their decor needed a little extra boost so I happened to have votives in the trunk of my car that we placed all around just to add another visual layer. They don't know this but their cake also almost didn't make it!! But we got it all sorted out with just a few moments to spare! All in all it was very exciting and just a perfect day for Christine and Weston and I met some great new vendor friends that I hope to work with again!

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