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Caitlin & Dylan

Sometimes the work life and the personal life cross over a little bit and I am given the honor of running a wedding for a friend. In this case my husband was actually the best man in this wedding, for his friend who he has known since literal birth (they are 1 day apart in age and their moms are close friends)

Dylan and Caitlin, like so many others have definitely been effected in their wedding planning by COVID 19. So much so that 1. They actually already got married last year because love doesn't wait for global pandemics! and 2. we actually had to change venues WITHIN A MONTH of their re-wedding date because of some mandate issues which was a journey in and of itself. But! We made it work. Dylan’s mom works at covenant life church and was able to secure the venue in just enough time!

Dylan and Caitlin were the kind of couple who just wanted to get married and celebrate with their friends and family and whatever happened in that event was just icing on the cake. It ended up being such a fun night for all of their guests and even through the challenges it turned out awesome! They had a live band (which Dylan was a part of for a few of the important songs). They had some awesome family traditions and they had a great time, which is really all you can ask for!

Here are some of my favorite shots from their wedding gallery! including a picture of the "minions" as I so lovingly call them in their nice new DMV polo shirts!

vendor team

Coordinating - DMV Weddings and Events

Photography - Macro Hype

Venue - Covenant Life Church

Cupcakes - Two Sisters Baking

Florals - Abloom

Catering - Carrabas

DJ - Glenn Hall

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