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About Maddie!

I wanted to give a resource for knowing a little bit more about who will be working with you for your planning process or for being there with you on the day of your wedding! 

Photo credit - Taylor Webster Photography

My name is Maddie (short for Meredith even though that doesn’t really make a lot of sense) I have been in this industry since 2017 and I absolutely love it! 

During the weekdays I work as a high school counselor in Frederick County. I have a masters degree in counseling and that psychology background really helps me with events and with mediating relationships throughout the planning process! I have found that a psychology background is a fantastic tool with anything involved with working with people. 

I have done a million different things in my life.  I managed an ice cream store (Ben and Jerry’s for life) but also worked at Haagen Dazs for a little while, worked at a burger place, did front desk at a gym, coached summer camps, was a nanny, did personal training and now work in a high school and run this wedding business! I have always been a doer.  I like to work and honestly I like to work hard. I am not one to sit back, I want to be involved in the world around me and I think this attitude has helped me to become a good planner! 

On top of all of that I am also a mom to two little boys! Henry and James are full of energy and keep me on my toes! They are also the reason that most of my meetings occur at 8:15pm.  Making the adjustment from a coordinator without kids and having my husband assist me with weddings, to being a mom of now 2 kids and needing my husband to stay home on wedding days has pushed me to create the team that I now absolutely love having! I have assistants come with me to every wedding (and I would encourage you to only hire coordinators who have at least 1 assistant with them because it is really important to have an extra set of hands to keep things moving if the lead coordinator is putting out a fire somewhere.) The girls I have working with me are hard workers and do a great job! They’re also just fun to be around on those long wedding days! 

All in all I am an open book and my favorite weddings to plan are with brides who feel like friends so no need for formalities with me, texting back and forth like you would your BFF is honestly perfect. I am there to be a support system for you and just help you feel calm, cool, collected and lifted up throughout the wedding planning process and your wedding day! 

Some other fun facts you might want! 

I got married at Ceresville mansion in Frederick MD in 2017! 

I went to Bethesda Chevy Chase High School in MD

I did my undergrad at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and my Masters program at Marymount University in VA. 

My favorite places to do weddings are in the Frederick area but I also love going to other places and seeing new venues! 

I am 6’3 and played basketball all of my life! 

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