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D + J

We loved working D's wedding. The two venue weddings are slowly but surely becoming more and more popular. D + J were married at the Historic Savage Mill Manor but opted to do their reception a little differently than the typical wedding. All of their guests gathered at Centennial park about 20 minutes away after the more traditional ceremony for dinner, cupcakes and lawn games.

Some specific things that I loved about this wedding

  1. they challenged a lot of the traditional aspects of weddings. They had gender mixed bridal parties, differentiated by their color of dress rather than if they were a guy or girl. They also did their reception differently than the traditionally expected dinner, speeches and dancing. It was more of just a big hang out and it was awesome.

  2. D wanted to honor her history and did this amazing wedding dress display of her mother and grandmothers wedding dresses as well as portraits from their own weddings. It was the first time I had seen anything like that and it was soooo cool.

  3. D and J in general were just the most easy going people. You could see the love that they had for each other and getting some nice pics was all that mattered to them that day, everything else was just icing on the cake (and those cupcakes were flipping delicious)

  4. Their friends seriously love them. You could see it throughout the whole event how much everyone there was just so happy for them and it was great to see!

  5. D's Brideman's suit was amazing and deserved its own number!

This wedding had its challenges but they were easily dealt with and overcome and it all turned out exactly as intended for D+J who navigated through a pandemic, as well as the reemergence of Brood X cicadas who were "singing their songs of love" throughout their ceremony. All in all I was so happy to have had the opportunity to work with this wonderful couple and I am very excited to share these shots from their wedding!

Awesome vendor team:

Ceremony Venue - Historic Savage Mill

Reception Venue - Centennial Park Pavillon H

Coordinating - DMV Weddings and Events

Photographer - TCJ Design Photography

Caterer - Mission Barbecue

Hair and Make up - Swept LLC

Cupcakes - Kupcakes and Co

Dress - St. Anthony's Bridal

Bridesmaids dresses - Davids Bridal

Guys Suits - Mens Wearhouse

Live Streaming - Feeling Wedding Films

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