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Maddie and Shawn

This was a really great way to start off my wedding season. Shawn and Maddie got married at Gramercy Mansion in the Carriage House.

Maddie is not only blessed with a great name (spelled the right way) and is a tall confident lady (which I am always a big fan of!) but she was SOOOO DIY she did almost everything for her wedding decor and it all turned out so amazingly. I have had a few DIY brides recently who just seriously killed it. I usually get a bit worried with full DIY because I have grown to love and trust my vendor friends and other wedding professionals to be the best way to run a wedding smoothly and beautifully but Maddie definitely showed that you do not NEED those things to have a beautiful wedding.

She picked some great vendors, almost all of which were new vendors to me which is always very exciting. I love expanding my network and meeting new people!

All in all I really loved working with this couple and working this wedding and it was an awesome way to kick off the 2022 wedding season for me!

Here are some of my favs from their photo gallery!

Vendor Team!

Coordinating - me! DMV Weddings and Events

Venue - Gramercy Mansion Carriage House

Photography - Melinda Toth Photography

make up - Leglam Princess, Jamie Adams Swept

Hair - The Color Misfit

Catering - Hunt Valley Catering

A few things from this wedding that we had to do last minute to ensure a perfect day. The weather had been complicated because it was a bit rainy that weekend but was very clear on the day of Maddie's wedding. The only problem being that it had been freezing temperatures but it was a bit warmer on their wedding day. So the ground which had formerly been frozen had now turned muddy. So we had to make an adjustment about where the ceremony would actually take place last second but it all worked out beautifully!!

Another thing was that there was a small decor issue that needed to be addressed. Maddie had made these beautiful hand dyed cheese cloth runners and created her own floral centerpieces and table numbers and they had picked a green napkin that went with their color scheme but once all of it was on the table the greens did not match. So I made the choice to have guests pick up their napkins at the buffet rather than have them set at the table so that we didn't take anything away from all of the awesome stuff that Maddie had done to create a beautiful table for her guests. This is one of the reasons why having a coordinator is a really good idea. Sometimes the concept of a green napkin seems like the right choice but then in reality it doesn't look exactly right but your vendors who you paid to put those napkins down are going to follow their contract and put the napkin down even if it doesn't look right. Having a coordinator there is like having a vision advocate who will always make sure that your vision comes to life in the best way even in !

(Decisions like removing a napkin or other decor piece like this are always run past the bride or their mom or their designated emergency decision maker...I try my best to not bother brides with too many questions but things like that I do check first!)

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